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Throughout a series of www.endesignerbelts.com

Throughout a series of measures of the state council executive meeting, including to ensure market supply and price subsidies to low-income groups, cancel all kinds of unreasonable fees, etc., have also made obvious effect in the short term, the early stage of the surge of some agricultural products, such as cotton, corn prices fell back quickly, the price has got preliminary curb rising panic, the pertinence and importance of this and policies. For example, look at the whole agricultural products circulation, can discover, the vegetables and other agricultural prices rise rapidly, and it doesn't make much difference whether basic supply and demand, in addition to hot money speculation, more important is the entire circulation cost is too high. From the perspective of agricultural products price, about 70% of the price in circulation, therefore, to stabilize the current prices of agricultural products, in addition to continue to monitor the hot money hype, more should be to reduce the circulation costs, reduce circulation costs. Aiming at excessive cost of circulation in our country agricultural prices and too much charge link, the demands of the state council since December 1, 2010, all of the toll road vehicle a legal load vehicles from a toll of fresh agricultural products, and urged all localities should further standardize and reduce the market building and supermarket entry fee. Many governments response, progressively introduced market building, supermarket slotting fees and other measures.

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Among them, the chongqing clearly put forward the state-owned circulation enterprises belong to major supermarkets, farmer's market on the table, slotting fees and relevant fees by 30%, Beijing, anhui and other places shall practise a system of building plain code marks a price, and the public, liaoning province in the near future will reduce 114 enterprises and involves the administrative fees standard of the people's livelihood, cancel the cause of 25 items of administrative charges, etc. Such initiative to reduce the transaction cost, reduce the circulation cost approach has very strong pertinence and practical significance, has significant meaning for value of agricultural products. Also shall see, however, under the pressure of the rising prices, the price adjustment, still focus on short-term interim administrative measures, in particular, for the price of some agricultural temporary intervention measures, but also has caused great controversy, but for the so-called collude with, malicious hoarding, fabricated spread to bid up the price, the price information for profiteering behavior of aggravating punishment, is to some extent is regarded as the return of the planned economy, may be effective in the short term, but given the rising prices of thrust and the reality of excess liquidity, the short cut does not avoid the future price of retaliatory rebound, and blindly rely on administrative measures, not only against the price of the principle of market-oriented direction, and not conducive to guide clear expectations.

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