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Gucci Belts transportation www.enbrandbelts.com

The head also emphasized, toll road policy to support the development of Gucci Belts transportation system has a positive role in promoting. Indeed, if Gucci Belts first charge from 1984 highway opened, basic mode of Versace Belt highway is a loan to build roads, capture to expend the loan, and underdeveloped economy in which the lack of government's financial situation, for Gucci Belts highway construction is set successfully. http://www.endesignerbelts.com/ According to the minister of the ministry of communications on December 28, 2010 in the national work conference on traffic, by the end of 2010, Gucci Belts road network total mileage reached 3.984 million kilometers, the new 639000 km for five years. Among them, the highway by 15 final 41000 km to 74000 km, five years increased by 33000 kilometers, the second largest in the world. If there are no loans road model, it is hard to imagine today's achievement, for that matter, in charge of the ministry of communications said that without a toll road, there is no traffic status quo of Hermes Belt today is the fact. However, it must be pointed out that the main rely on loans to build roads, and payment of highway construction by means of charging model has congenital defects. Highway as a public product, should be mainly by the government to provide, the construction funds should mainly rely on the government to provide, the road is a classical economists are one of the most professional work in the eyes of the government. Because of this, many countries in the world, although nearly 60 countries there are toll roads, but rarely in the highway construction roads, the loan payment mortgage as the mainstream mode, or even the only mode, because of excessive highway management will eventually kill the public welfare. And Gucci Belts approach to rely on loans to build roads, has made remarkable achievements in highway construction, http://www.enbrandbelts.com/ highway mileage in a short span of 20 years' time from scratch at the top of the world's second, but because of this, Gucci Belts toll road mileage is ahead in the whole world, and triggered a series of charging chaos:

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