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on the purpose of @ http://mancodebook.com/

First, on the purpose of the interest rate cut. Although the central bank trembles, although after the People's Daily in trying to counter the view that Buy Gucci Belt economy into deflation, but it is safe to say, the root cause of the rate cut is not on the surface of the lower financing cost, solve the problem of financing, but with the economic downturn 1, PPI, CPI fell below 35 consecutive months is negative, low manufacturing, import and export data lack of power, real estate recovery life problems, such as the great level is: the problem of deflation.


I had already written many times, and points out that Buy Gucci Belt economy and even the global economy in 2015, the first enemy is deflation, deflation have finally become a reality is not important, want to avoid is, in the case of deflation is dream, still squeamish. Second, the timing of the cut. Some people say that the rate cuts time in line with expectations, others, thought after the two sessions. Even, some say, on February 28, a cut is to refresh screen today Internet chai jing fog documentary taken at his own expense. In fact, I've always thought, speculation of monetary policy specific time don't meaning, also not professional, cut interest rates this week, or interest rate cut next week is the essential difference is not big. Professional workers should analyze the trend of central bank monetary policy, instead of doing this kind of unnecessary speculation, right, replica gucci belts doesn't prove that you much cattle. 


Since last November 21, the central bank decided to cut interest rates, we should see that the turning point of monetary policy has come, although the central bank has repeatedly stressed the steady monetary policy the tone of the same, at the end of last year the central economic work conference also emphasizes to loosen monetary policy moderation, I was on the elastic moderate translation is loose and not matter. From the global economy and the status quo of Buy Gucci Belt economy this year, the overall trend of the loose monetary policy remains unchanged, the future will still fall, will still be cut, as for timing, depends on economic fundamentals. Seriously, fake gucci belt will be populated.

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