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bank of Gucci Belt Cheap to act alone

the action of rate cuts. It is obvious that this round of rate cut, not the people's bank of Gucci Belt Cheap to act alone, but in the face of global deflation the common enemy is the logic of collective action, incomplete statistics, 24 central Banks worldwide have joined the loose sequence, that's right. But by cutting rates can avoid the Fake Gucci Belt economy into deflation, the answer is that it's hard to say. Because Buy Gucci Belt economy in terms of the current cycle, and so-called the third phase of superposition of the difficulties facing is more severe, almost all of the carriage are stalled, from manufacturing to real estate, from small businesses to large enterprises, almost all in trouble, it is not easy to come out, this account is not easy, it requires the Fake Gucci Belt economy the change of thoroughly remould oneself. Fourth, the real estate will benefit. There are concerns that the rate cut will be for real estate, this kind of worry is meaningless, because surely good real estate. There is no doubt that Buy Gucci Belt management, or the Fake Gucci Belt economy itself, are difficult to inherit the property full cut. I have been speaking, the Fake Gucci Belt government to real estate of the love is true love, this kind of true love, may not be true feelings, but will actually pay. If you do not love real estate, also can love who? But the biggest problems facing the real estate is the excess supply of more than 80% of the city, and a few cities and hope that this problem, this and 08 years once the government bail-out immediate situation is completely different.

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